2018 Cohort

Mark founded healthEscores with the intent of creating Software-as-a-Service products that could efficiently capture patient experience data in small, independent health care practices. By minimizing the human capital required to collect and analyze patient experience data. healthEscores hoped to streamline strategic planning and operational decision-making, ultimately reducing the administrative burden of managing these practices. Through RAMP, Mark discovered there were several barriers to entry and other top-of-mind priorities in this market segment. RAMP’s coursework helped Mark “fail fast” before investing resources into a product that lacked buyers, and also uncover potential issues in hospital staff turnover for which technology might play a helpful role. Mark will continue consulting in health care and plans to earn his MHA/MBA starting fall 2019.

Brockworks, a virtual construction company, is working nationwide with custom builders, providing detailed 3D models, constructability reviews, and model-based quantity takeoffs, long before construction begins. Brockworks not only provides the detailed virtual-reality experience but also identifies structural problems, as well as other potential issues, saving builders time and money.

Flewid Capital is using traditional and blockchain technology to create a global payment platform that will initially be marketed to immigrants, including international students and some short-term travelers from South and Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Further, the default trading unit has value based on a unique algorithm that mitigates the risk of sudden loss or gain in value due to shifts in the economy or demand.

BEAM Diagnostics, Inc. is founded on the concept that self-control failure underlies a wide range of negative health, safety, and financial behaviors. As the first of many applications, BEAM has chosen to focus on alcohol misuse by developing BEACON, an app that generates a patient's reinforcer pathology score (RPscore) as a quantitative measure of alcohol misuse severity to a clinician in under 4 minutes. BEACON addresses many limitations present in current substance-use screening by saving time, reducing stigmatization, and promoting preventative screening for a debilitating disease.

Chorda Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of novel analgesic medications. Chorda Pharma is currently working with a team of experts to launch its first product into the U.S. over-the-counter pain management pharmaceutical market, with a topical medication designed for the treatment of pain due to osteoarthritis.

Leone BioVentures, LLC is developing a bio-pesticide that will have a worldwide market. The bio-pesticide agent has been proven to be effective against a wide variety of crop diseases in previous field and greenhouse trials. Josh James (COO), a Bioengineering graduate from Virginia Tech, is developing feasible methods to scale up production of the bio-pesticide product.

Skyphos is dedicated to improving translation of point-of-care medical diagnostics and developing next-gen healthcare platforms. Our specialized 3D printing (3DP) finds high utility among groups working in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and lab-on-a-chip (LOAC). Skyphos fabricates on-device components/features ranging in size from single-digit microns to several inches within the same print – for the first time enabling prototyping on-demand and outside of a clean-room. The machine and the processes it utilizes were designed from the ground up to overcome limitations imposed by lithography. Our technology offers prototyping in minutes vs. months, true 3D structures, and incredibly rich textures-enhancing the interrogation area. This permits fabrication of devices previously not possible, radically altering the consumption and fabrication models for MEMS and LOAC.

2017 Cohort

Volatia is a full-service language service company, providing on-site, over the telephone, and remote video interpretation and translation services in more than 280 languages. Volatia is led by Baraka Kasongo, recently recognized with the Regional Entrepreneur award at RBTC’s TechNite.

Flex Metrics by SoftSolutions is led by Jay Foster. The company has been providing real-time production visibility technology for print, packaging, and manufacturing industries for almost 20 years.

DESA is a health care analytics and Telehealth company led by Jonathan Briganti, Dr. Anne Brown, Brian Elliott and David Trinkle, MD. They are developing a way for assessments, that are normally done inside a doctor’s office, to be done remotely on a digital medium in order to add data and communication for doctors and physicians to better support the diagnosis of health issues such as dementia, depression, anxiety, etc.

Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc. (AFT) focuses on the advancement of small commercial aircraft related to the UAV/UAS industry. AFT, led by Josh May, is licensed to use drones for commercial purposes.

Altede is a startup company led by Ed Champion, Dr. Anna Champion, and Briana Petruzzi. They are currently in the process of developing their product, which will be a kit to test for gluten and other allergens in food.

Acomhal Research Inc. is a biotech spinout, from the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, that is developing treatments for cancer. Dr. Samy Lamouille and Dr. Robert Gourdie, founders of Acomhal Research Inc., are developing a drug, for patients with brain cancer, that targets and kills the cancer cells that are resistant to therapy.