2018 Cohort Application


Completing this application is the first step in being considered for the Accelerator Program. Following a review of your application, we may ask you for additional information and invite you for an interview. Provide as much information as you can to help us properly evaluate your business opportunity. Fill out the form below and make sure to upload your pitch deck and business summary. See below for suggested pitch deck content.

To Apply: (1.) Complete this Form (2.) Upload Your Pitch Deck (3.) Upload the Executive Summary of Your Business Plan

Pitch Deck Topic Suggestions:
  • Problem & Proposed Solution
  • Owner & Team Member Roles
  • Current Mentors and/or Investors
  • Market Research & Findings/Customer Discovery
  • Previous Accelerator Experience
  • Key Competitors
  • Competitive Advantage/SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing & Outreach Strategy
  • Target Market/Customer Segments
  • Current Traction/Revenue
  • Intellectual Property Protection

RAMP-in-Residence Application

The RAMP-in-Residence program is located in downtown Roanoke, serving a wide regional area, including Lynchburg, Pulaski, Blacksburg, Roanoke and the Alleghany Highlands. Technology companies with a minimal viable product are encouraged to apply. We recognize the technology sector is both broad and diverse and includes companies in advanced manufacturing, information technology, bio-sciences, as well as other technologies. We encourage applications from across the technology sectors.

Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.
(ex: yourname @ yourcompany . com)
(ex: 4567 Long Rd - include suite number if applicable)
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Upload a PDF